We are not just an art gallery, but one uniquely equipped with a vision that is committed to empowering aspiring artists on what they need to venture into the art trade. Art is a viable trade and knowing how to draw isn’t enough prerequisite to succeed in the trade.

That’s why as a brand, we continually try to reach out to our community and empower them in the ways we know how. But we believe we can reach out to even more communities, and invariably, more people. This is where your support of our cause can come in handy.

We accept donations of any kind that will help further our reach to communities that have aspiring artists. Donations we receive are used to set up seminars and programs that will give a sense of direction to youths.

Support our cause to make the world a better place through art. With our vision, we rid the community of juvenile youths that could possibly go into drugs and prostitution out of idleness. By this cause, we don’t just train them and leave them, but we try to set up a mini art gallery for the most enterprising amongst them in their community. For us, that is a seed sown that would germinate and grow fruits.

This is a worthy cause and we implore you to be a part of putting joy in the face of someone, and by extension a generation. We believe any amount you donate will go a long way to promote what we do.

Donations can be sent through to our central office, you can be rest assured that every donation we receive will be well accounted for and put into the cause we announced it for.

Thank you for your support, we are truly glad to know you trust us to make this change in communities happen.