The role that art has played in bringing our society to where it is today cannot be overemphasized. Art is more than an expression of creativity or beauty; it could also be used to express one’s inner thoughts and opinions on the ills or injustices of the society.

Artists of the medieval era often used art to communicate their thoughts of the society in a bid to correct societal ills; albeit in these contemporary times, the role of art seem to have been relegated to just entertainment. And this ought not to be so.

It isn’t surprising to find out that in our society today, if there have to be a budget cut, it has to be cut from the arts because, the corrective and influential roles art play in building our society almost seem salient.

Works of art have been known to overtime voice opinion on racism without the engaging protestants, works of art have been known to speak against societal injustices without initiating wars, works of art have been used to decry man’s inhumanity to man, it has in general been used to remodel societal outlook on prevalent issues in very subtle ways.

However, maybe because the approach seems passive, the impact of art is relegated to the background. If only our government know that there are works of art that have literally advised some youths against violence, if only they are aware that some ladies have stopped prostitution due to the inspiration gotten from a work of art. They would be willing to fund art projects more.

Slowly and gradually in contemporary times, the value of art is being relegated to the background; forgetting that this is one tool that has the ability to silent some of the wars faced by our climes.

Art cut across tribal and religious barriers; it is capable of communicating in a global language. Little wonder why different people from different nations can relate with a piece of art on display. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words; this is communicated in how well art is received all across the globe.

There is a place for art in fighting global hunger in contemporary times, there is definitely a place for art in stopping the religious and political wars, and there is a role for the arts in creating world peace. But how well are we willing to let art take us on that path?

Imagine how well people can be influenced toward a common path not by force, but willfully through the arts? The art isn’t an ordinary tool; it isn’t just one more work meant for exhibitions or for sale. It is a more powerful tool than we dare to think it is.

The reason art is so powerful is that fact that when artists communicate their works, it is done from their hearts. It is carried out from a place of sincerity and genuine hunger for a change.

This is unlike most politicians coming to rehearse speeches of how much they want a better world. When a thought is communicated in sincerity and from the heart, it has the capacity to convict even the stoniest of art. And that is the tool has afforded us in our contemporary time.

The solution to some of the problems in our world today is embedded in the art. We can make our world better by churning out art that appeal to the consciences of terrorists and tyrants in our world. We can definitely make our world a better place when we place more value on the art in these contemporary times.