Art exhibitions are a necessary part of art galleries, and with us, it isn’t any different. This is how we showcase our natural endowments to the public, so they can also better appreciate the beauty of art.

In truth, after attending a truly worthy art exhibition, you should be left to wonder what the world would have been like without the magic of arts. That feeling of awe and wonder are what you are bound to receive during our exhibitions.

We don’t just showcase any kind of arts on our exhibition stand, and that’s because we have respect for the time our guests have put up to come see our art exhibition. Therefore, we ensure that every single work of art presented is a master piece and sure to blow your mind.

Our exhibitions are especially tailored to inform, entertain, educate, and leave our attendees spellbound. We also encourage upcoming artists to send in their work of art to us for screening before our exhibition opens. Any artists that successfully go through our screening will have their art work on display during our exhibitions.

As much as we want to showcase masterpiece from renowned artists, we also love to use our exhibitions to promote local artists as well. This would give them a platform to showcase what they have got.

Attending our exhibitions has always been an eye opener for both artists and guests. It is one platform where you can get to see and hear what art truly means. Our art exhibitions often come with sessions in which resource persons, particularly those you have known over the years coming to educate us on what art is truly about.

You are also free to get a walk through the gallery and an exposition as it were on what each work of art represents from our well trained staffs on ground.

Now what better place to network than during exhibitions? You can bet that our exhibitions often attract different people from all walks of life. If you are an artist, who knows you could just meet the next investor into your arts or possibly one who is interested in promoting your works. You could even meet a friend for life during these exhibitions So we urge you not to take these events for granted.

Have you been missing art exhibitions? Well, it is fine. But art exhibitions organized by us aren’t one you should plan to miss, as you would be missing out from a lot. So we urge you to bookmark this page so you are informed on all our forthcoming art exhibitions.

If you are an art enthusiast, then you don’t want to be told about our exhibitions when you can experience it!


Bodmin Shire Hall 01208 79896

14 November 2005 - 13 January 2006 A Joy Forever Christmas selling exhibition

Camelford Camelford Gallery 01840 213980

November 2005 - January 2006 Christmas exhibition paintings, ceramics etc by local artists

North Cornwall Museum and Gallery 01840 212954 or email

opening again Easter 2006