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Art, artists, and Cornwall - three words that surely belong together!

Initially attracted by the special Cornish light, artists started painting in Cornwall in the late nineteenth century, led by Stanhope Forbes and his Newlyn School. Through the twentieth century St Ives became the focus for artistic activity and its fame as an artist colony lives on today.

North Cornwall's rise in the art world began in the late twentieth century, and today it too has a flourishing art scene.

With wonder attributed only to the divine, our art gallery is privileged to be one of those art galleries that perpetually churn out works of art that leave art enthusiasts completely dumbfounded for good.

This gallery is like no other as it features an overwhelming collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and works of art from renowned international artists; no wonder it is nicknamed the home of amazing art works.

From its inception, our art gallery has pioneered several art exhibitions and has also funded and hosted not a few in its gallery. By so doing, it has carved a niche for itself as one of the foremost galleries for art exhibition.

The ambience in our art gallery is one that promises to stamp a memorable impression on you. Its beckoning staffs, large parking lot, secure environment, clean restrooms, excellent vibes, and beautiful sceneries all go to make your experience in the gallery truly worthwhile.

From time to time, we have participated in several community projects in a bid to leave to make sustainable impact as a brand. We have also seen to the training of several indigenes on the art walk. Our impact in the community where the gallery is hosted cannot be overlooked.

We have continually organized events centered on art and have used the opportunity to educate and inspire aspiring and upcoming artists that there is indeed a future in art. These events have seen our art gallery inviting foremost artists on talk shows which are bent on educating the community on the essence of art so they can better appreciate what they do, and as a way to give back to the community.

We also run a counseling channel in which counsel is offered to clients and prospects alike on what to look out for before making an art purchase. For us, art goes beyond the sale of art work; it is a connection with people.

Art! North Cornwall presents the region's contemporary artists listed by media, with art galleries and potteries under towns, as is public art. Information on artist groups, art and craft workshop tutors and venues, and details of current art exhibitions are also included.

A guide for visitors to North Cornwall, the art trail gives contact details for galleries and for artists happy with studio visits. is Cornwall's online arts journal, with reviews, interviews, artist profiles, an artist forum and much more. Highly recommended!

The role that art has played in bringing our society to where it is today cannot be overemphasized

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We are not just an art gallery, but one uniquely equipped with a vision that is committed to empowering aspiring artists on what they need to venture into the art trade